Jeff DonnellyHootSuite Certified Professional

What’s in a Name?

In 2006, a friend stopped by the house of Jeff Donnelly. The two people home were Jeff’s roommates, twin brothers named Phil and Mike. It was a likely story: Jeff was always on the go and wasn’t home. When the friend asked where Jeff was the two twins looked at each other and as usual would need to reply with a, “We dunno.” Instead, one of the twins (it’s still a mystery which one) replied, “Doing Jeff Things.” And so the term stuck.

This is a blog by Jeff Donnelly, that’s me! It’s a blog of all the things that interest me. I will mostly write about fitness, nutrition, social media, mountain biking, and my daily observations. I am a person full of ideas and big dreams. So, if you are interested in making life more enjoyable I invite you along for the ride. Join me as we “Do Jeff Things.”

About Jeff

Since 2006 Jeff has been doing lots of things:


He graduated from college in 2007 with a B.A. in Marketing and went to work in a corporate sales roll. He hated the cubicle and was always intrigued by Entrepreneurship. In 2010, he left the corporate world to join a start-up. He still holds his roll in the start-up as the Chief Marketing Officer. In 2011, Jeff began forming a second venture in the world of Social Media (details to come).


Jeff has always had a passion for sports. Mountain Biking, Snowboarding, and Tennis top the list of favorite athletic activities. He has always had a need to be fit and achieve athletic goals. But, you wouldn’t have known it when he graduated college. So, Jeff hit the gym and began educating himself on nutrition. A year later, he dislocated his shoulder playing softball. Jeff had to go back to basics and learn how to effectively lift weights. Not just for looks, but for a functioning body. Today, Jeff is 30 pounds lighter than he was in college and has lost 20 pounds several times.

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